The sun’s out in Vancouver and I’m shooting like there ain’t no tomorrow! I’ve got lots of weddings and Lifestle Portrait Sessions to share with you guys, but it feels like I get sooo little time to blog. But I promise to keep them coming.

But we’ve honestly been having some amazing weather. I don’t know if we’d ever had this many consecutive days of sun. I think this shoot with Saneeta and Paul was during the beginning of this recent reign of sunshine and we were pretty excited about it and thought, “Hey! Let’s go to White Rock beach!”. Funny thing was SO DID EVERYONE ELSE IN VANCOUVER! Just kidding, but was super busy though, but we still rocked it and had a great time.

Saneeta and I go way back to the kindergarten days. We went to the same school up until highschool graduation, and I don’t think we met again since, until recently, when she asked me to shoot her wedding. And now Paul is a councelor at the same highschool we went to! Pretty cool, eh? Anyways, Saneeta and Paul were so relaxed and fun to be with the entire shoot. Even though I made them walk a few miles, up and down big rocks and along railway tracks, all in the heat, they still seemed to like me after the shoot ;). Thanks for a great time you guys, and I’m looking forward to your wedding August!