Well it’s the day before Christmas and I thought I’d post probably the last post of 2009 today. I’ll share many more weddings and portraits from 2009 in the new year. I’ve got a long list of posts just waiting to be shared with you guys.

Caroline and I used to be co-workers, but I’m more grateful for having the chance to work with her when she and Jon built this website for me! I have Caroline & Jon to thank for their work in creating my logo and making this site exactly how I wanted it to be. (So if you need any web/logo design services, visit Oogly.) Anyways, recently I was asked by Caroline to shoot some photos of their new puppy, Ezri, a beautiful Basset Hound. Puppies seem to be much like babies, in that you can rarely get them to do exactly what you want, but when you catch them at the right moment, the results are priceless. Ezri gave us a few surprises (I don’t know if she was nervous of being around my big camera that made her pee on the sofa) but did settle down and gave us a few relaxed shots too. All in all, a memorable session for me.

Thanks Caroline, Jon & Ezri for a great shoot. Wishing you guys the best in the holidays and in the new year.