A new year. A new life.

Posted on January 13, 2011

Firstly, I wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year :)

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday break. I just wanted to share some exciting news with you. My wife Gurjeet and I were blessed with a beautiful baby boy, Akaal Singh, just before the new year. I can’t really explain to you what it feels like. It’s so many different changes and experiences at once. I am incredibly grateful and feel very fortunate to have him as my son.

Below I’ve shared some photos from the first week or so of his life. If you’d like to keep up with photos of him and our family, I hope to be updating my personal Flickr page, as well as a blog I’ve setup for him at akaalsingh.wordpress.com.

I look forward to sharing more with you in this coming year. :)


One of the first photos I took of him as soon as he was born.

With his cousin Rhea.

Shortly after his first bath.


One day old.

Two days old.

A trick I figured out that got him to settle down when I would change his diaper, nose to nose.

One of my favourite things to do, swaddling him.

The day we got to bring him home. He looks happy. 3 days old.

After a bath at home. Four days old.

Five days old.

Six days old.

Dreaming about something good I bet. Seven days old.

Whenever he wakes up he looks at us like this. Love it.


He does this often too. Eight days old.

Nine days old.

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21 Comments so far
  1. G Singh January 13, 2011 9:05 am

    So innocent. Keep em coming! :)

  2. Sukhi January 13, 2011 9:45 am

    Beautiful images of your new son Pardeep. He’s so cute! Congratulations to you and Gurjeet on your beautiful, healthy baby boy, Akaal Singh. :)

  3. Ajit Singh January 13, 2011 9:46 am

    Amazing! Contests bro! Happy new year! Very happy for you, GOd Bless!

  4. Inder January 13, 2011 9:51 am

    Very cute baby man. This boy is going to have millions of photos of him.

    That photo of him flexing is awesome.

  5. Joel January 13, 2011 10:06 am

    Congrats Pardeep! I agree with Inder, the photo of him flexing is awesome.

  6. Kiran Purba January 13, 2011 10:37 am

    congratz to you and your wife, he looks like you!

  7. P Kaur January 13, 2011 10:44 am

    Sooooo precious! Love all of the photos; nice s’all guru shirt too!

  8. Rupeela January 13, 2011 10:50 am

    Adorable and such beautiful captures of the first days of his life. :)

  9. rsingh January 13, 2011 12:01 pm

    He’s so precious :) Love his expressions!

  10. Jabs January 13, 2011 12:42 pm

    Classsy !!! love ya work vir :)
    cheeeers !!

  11. John Cruz January 13, 2011 12:48 pm

    Aw congrats, Pardeep! Parenthood is awesome! Beautiful photos!

  12. Bina Kaur January 13, 2011 12:54 pm

    Love all the pics of my gorgeous little nephew! The one of him with the expression on his face when he wakes up just cracked me up. And the one of him crying totally looks like you as a baby! Everyone single one put a smile on my face. :)

  13. David Cheung January 13, 2011 1:19 pm


    He’s already so expressive it’s awesome!!

  14. Monica Garcha January 13, 2011 3:42 pm

    Love the pix…hes adorable! :) Can’t wait to meet him!!! Great pictures pardeep…a beautiful child for a beautiful set of parents. xoxo

  15. Sam January 13, 2011 8:37 pm

    Hey Pardeep ,
    Your son is absolutely adorable, amazing pictures, keep them coming!

  16. Sandeep Singh January 14, 2011 1:39 am

    Paaji really happy for you…Congratulations
    Actually i check out your blog on daily basis and it really amazing news.

  17. Jaime January 16, 2011 10:37 am

    Congrats to you and your wife on the new addition to your family, what a beautiful little boy!!! Such amazing photos to capture his first few days in this world. Love it!!! All the best =)

  18. Amrit January 18, 2011 4:36 pm

    Congratulations to and Gurjeet!!! Akaal Singh is absolutely adorable!!

  19. Pinky January 25, 2011 8:23 pm

    Absolutely Amazing! Congrats once again Pardeep and to Gurjeet!! :) Can’t wait to meet the little one! I love the candids, so precious xox

  20. Nayeem Vohra January 25, 2011 9:27 pm

    Congrats Pardeep!

  21. Ikal December 28, 2012 6:04 pm

    Great pics! What kind of camera do you use? I would love to take pics like yours…my standard digital camera does not seem to produce the same quality!